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Removing playground marking designs in New Mills/Felin Newydd SY16 3 can be an easy process with minimal disruption if carried out by the correct contractors.

In removing the play area games, schools are able to gain a blank surface which can either be repainted on or left blank. Most schools who choose to have a new games design repainted on the surface are able to create a new games surface to benefit the children.

These benefit the children because the new design is usually better than the old one as the school has learned what the most engaging design for the youngsters would be. 

Play area surfaces are very important for the children in their education and learning, alongside their entertainment and fitness levels.

There are a variety of lots of different graphics that are suitable for primary schools as well as secondary schools and academic surface graphics may be installed so the children can engage in games to understand various subjects.

Some of the most typically chosen thermoplastic playground markings can be things like number grids, compasses, words and cartoon animals.

Whether you would like to find out more about the process of removal or would simply like to speak to a member of our team, fill out the enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are happy to give you all the details to ensure you are getting the results you are happy with. 

Children's Play Area Removal

Play areas near me in New Mills/Felin Newydd may be beneficial in strengthening pupils' physical fitness and overall wellness and it's an excellent way to make exercise exciting.

Due to increasing inactivity statistics with children in the United Kingdom, the games provide children with a very fun, beneficial way of exercising whilst having fun with friends around them.

For more information on the classic games children can play please click here

This is one of the reasons why it would be good to remove the graphics to allow for a new design to be created that will engage the kids to a higher degree. We offer these services to a range of several different areas. 

All of the designs are made from high-quality materials to ensure that they look good and are very safe. In a playground, we understand that safety is the main priority.

Therefore we find it crucial to ensure the pupils are safe and secure when one of our services or products has been used.

After the removal of playground markings, if the school chooses a brand new play surface, it will be much brighter and sharper than the old facility, especially if the old facility had been there for years.

What is Play Markings Removal?

Removing playground markings is a process which we can complete to get rid of old marks on your play surface.

After the playground markings removal, our team can then apply new playground markings to create a vibrant outdoor games space.

We install plenty of designs and styles in New Mills/Felin Newydd SY16 3 for these thermoplastic graphics for them to be appropriately fitted to your nursery or school.

A number of primary schools, nurseries and community areas get the thermoplastic markings put in to develop a colourful and longer lasting facility and over time this colourful design is lost through a lack of maintenance and the unpredictable weather conditions.

When some schools decide to contact us enquiring about this, they often choose to remove their previous play facility to allow them to get a new games design on top.

This is because the old local facility may be outdated or the kids closest to you may have become bored of playing the game and have consequently stopped using the surrounding area.

We offer repaints of playground markings on surfaces so for more information please contact our team via the contact form provided below.

How to Remove Playground Marking Designs Near Me

When removing playground markings, it is important that you have specialists in to carry out the job. To do this, we follow these simple steps:

  1. Clean the surfacing by brushing and washing away contaminants

  2. Apply an ultra pressure wash 

  3. Sand jetting the play area using an abrasive solution

Our marking designs equip the kids in New Mills/Felin Newydd with a range of different skills including social skills and physical fitness. When deciding to remove a set of surface graphics, it is important to consider what you require after removing the playground markings.

To find out more about line markings repainting, please have a look at this page

Options could include a repaint, new surfaces or to just leave the surface blank.

However, it's important to choose the correct providers of removal as if it is done incorrectly, the surface could be damaged and the youngsters could be at risk of a fall hazard.

Playground Markings Removal in New Mills/Felin Newydd

Removing playground markings can be done quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to the school. 

There are a number of different ways in which this could be done such as ultra-high-pressure wash which will remove old markings off of tarmac surfaces or sand jetting which uses an abrasive solution at high pressure to remove the playground markings. 


As specialists in your surrounding areas, we have been able to successfully remove a number of thermoplastic markings from a range of facilities. To carry out this process we would always recommend having professionals in to carry out the work to ensure you get the best results. 

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