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School Ofsted Playground Graphics

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Looking to impress Ofsted? Our team have dealt with many schools looking to improve their OFSTED reports with the help of playground graphics. 

Vibrant play area designs and school Ofsted playground graphics have become really popular in lots of schools and nurseries as they generate an appealing design with fun activities.

Youngsters are able to experience fun activities in addition to enhancing their health and acquiring important skills. You can install loads of graphics which are appropriate for KS1 and KS2 in addition to high school.

Academic markings might be applied so that the kids can enjoy games to understand a selection of topics. This can be done with numbered grids, letter games, phonics, compasses and geographical maps.


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Designs Help With OFSTED Marks

In relation to OFSTED, school Ofsted playground markings are becoming an increasingly popular choice with inspectors and is therefore providing many more marks to schools who have the nice graphics.

This is because the playground graphics show that schools are caring about their pupil's safety, health and education.

The school Ofsted markings provide youngsters with education through the use of numbers or letters in games which allows them to utilise their brains. We can install markings to suit your curriculum.

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The health side of the school Ofsted markings derive from the fitness that is achieved from playing these games as most of them often involve some sort of movement.

And finally, the safety that our surfaces provide means that pupils are much less likely to hurt themselves.

Activity Surfaces For Children

You can choose from a selection of shapes, sizes, and colours to acquire a perfect design for your organisation.

The colourful heat applied plastic designs are durable and strong so they should last for many years on the recreational area.

We can additionally undertake repair and refurbishment for tired thermoplastics which might have faded or become damaged with time.

We're also able to use well-known area markings like snakes and ladders and number grids, and other timeless favourites.

Maintaining Playground Graphics Near Me

We could additionally apply line markings for a variety of sports to develop a multi-sport games surface. Because of frequent activity, youngsters are more likely to understand lessons within the classroom, and this has several educational advantages as well.

Children might also develop social skills by simply taking part in activities with other people, along with getting more healthy and more physically active.

Children are equipped to develop several very important skills when actively playing the outdoor activities in the school surrounding areas.

For more details on graphics which can be installed in play areas please click here

This encourages the youngsters to make lots of friends while enjoying themselves. The maintenance of school surfaces is fairly straightforward. All that is required is regular check-ups of the surface for any necessary repairs.

The sooner these are observed, the sooner we can come and repair the problem. This is very beneficial as it results in a much lower cost than if you were to leave it in the long-term.

There is also no excuse for not sorting any repairs as nearby children could fall over or hurt themselves due to the issue, especially if it's in a local playground closest to you.

What are Playground Graphics?

Playground graphics are useful in enhancing kids' fitness and all around health and it's also a good way to make fitness become fun.

This has lots of advantages with regards to kids' health and wellbeing as inactivity is an increasing issue in primary schools.

Our team has worked with many schools and kindergartens near me when installing these school Ofsted graphics.

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They are all made from quality substances meaning that they will be durable and dependable. It really is crucial for them to be safe to use since young children will be playing on them all the time.

We’re equipped to add these coloured play painting to plain tarmac floors in an effort to enhance the playground.


These can catch the attention of children of all abilities along with a variety of age groups. These designs have a unique approach in terms of how they will be installed.

The line painting will be put onto the play flooring and then heated up until they soften and adhere to the floor. Once the installation is complete, the graphics result in a colourful and long lasting finish.

They're an excellent way to increase a play area's visual appeal so it's more exciting for the kids. We are proud of having the ability to educate and entertain via colourful play paintings.

Other Curriculum Markings We Install

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