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Being professionals in children's play spaces, our team also offer interactive wall panels for younger children to play on.

For children’s playgrounds, outdoor activity walls in Caerphilly CF81 9 can be installed along with thermoplastic designs to improve the facility and combine bright colored graphic designs.

Playground markings may be crucial for the kids' education and learning, together with their enjoyment and physical fitness levels.

You could choose between an abundance of choices which are ideal for primary schools in addition to high school. In addition to standard, enjoyable play ground options, there are also topic based designs, for example, science and maths.

This is often in the form of number squares, alphabets, word games, targets and roadways.


For any more information on playground equipment like outdoor activity panels, contact our customer service team by filling the contact form provided. By doing this, our team will be able to answer any of your questions and fill you in on any required information.

Coloured Outdoor Wall Panels Near Me

The graphics motivate children to be energetic and be a part of far more activities. For school kids, weight problems are a rising concern and having external games spaces is a wonderful way to boost physical health.

There are plenty of clients that can have vibrant surface markings put down. These are often for nurseries and similar institutions. For details on nursery markings, please click here https://www.thermoplasticplaygroundmarkings.co.uk/educational/nursery/caerphilly

They are all created from top quality materials meaning they are weather resistant and safe.

As young kids will likely be running around and playing on the play markings, it is vital for them to be secure. We’re qualified to apply these kinds of colourful markings to basic tarmac surfaces so that you can brighten up the area.

These may be used by children of all abilities and a range of age groups.

Outdoor Wall Graphics in Caerphilly

You can have a range of shapes, dimensions and colours in Caerphilly CF81 9 to get a perfect set of outdoor play panels for your primary school playground equipment.

The colourful heat applied plastic shapes are durable effective so they’ll last for many years for the playground. For those who have any sort of dated and tired playground designs we're able to improve them to make sure they appear brand new and vibrant.

Quite a few old classic activities can be applied to the recreational surface including maths games and snakes and ladders. We know the importance of the safeguarding of children.

It is crucial to ensure that when they are playing in the playground, the whole playground is fenced off and secure from the outside, stopping anyone from getting in or out.

To ensure this, our walls are completely secure so the children cannot get outside of the area which could cause many issues for nearby schools and so that nobody from the outside can get into the outdoor playground.

What are Play Wall Panels?

Play wall panels are colourful activity boards which kids can use for a variety of games in the playground.

They are a type of playground equipment that younger children use.

With the entertaining games and markings, there's a great possibility to understand co-operation skills in addition to problem solving.

The youngsters are then in a position to spend time with others and build relationships. This is another important aspect of our games as the children in Caerphilly are able to have fun and socialise with each other whilst learning during the game.

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How To Maintain Wall Panels Near Me

Maintaining wall play panels is a very simple facility and does not need to carried out often. To do this, our specialists:

  1. Wipe the plastic wall panels

  2. Clean the area with water

  3. Carry out repairs on any cracks or broken edges

It is quite simple to install nearby colourful game designs for your wall in Caerphilly and this means the children can return to enjoying the outdoor area as quickly as possible.


Maintaining your surrounding areas is an important way to extend the life expectancy of your wall play panels.

Unlike floor markings, wall graphics will have have less wear as people will not be walking over the designs.

This means that they will require much less maintenance which could be easier to handle. You may just need to ocassionally wipe and clean the thermoplastic wall markings to ensure they stay in great condition.

If you would like to find out more regarding the maintenance, speak to our team today. 

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