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As specialists in the installation of nursery play area graphics in Eastville BS16 1 we are able to create educational designs for young people.

Our team are happy to provide bespoke designs for you, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Educative line markings are important for children at the early stages of their lives, as they can learn new skills whilst playing independently as well as with others.

The thermoplastics can be applied to existing tarmac surfaces to improve the area and create fun design activities for the children to play on. 


If you require more information regarding the design graphics we install for educational games in Eastville, please fill in the enquiry form and we will get back to you.

We are happy to give you all the details required to ensure you get the best results possible. 

Educational Playground Marking 

We can carry out educational playground marking for nursery children to play on. These may consist or sports markings as well as number grids, times tables and maps.

The playground thermoplastic markings can be installed in a variety of different colours and sizes to meet individual requirements.

If you have a specific budget which you cannot go over, please let us know as we are able to alter our specifications to meet your needs and remain within your budget. 

We will give you a selection of services in relation to coloured recreational surface designs for primary schools, day care centres and leisure areas.

To help make certain the kids are having a good time our company offers many different playground  markings in Eastville BS16 1 that are not just useful but entertaining for the kids.

The customer can consider a variety of styles of recreational flooring graphic - suitable for different age ranges - for instance cartoons, traditional games and competitive sports.

For activities designs our team may apply soccer, tennis, netball, basketball and all purpose lines. For more information on tennis marking click here

This helps to ensure that local schools and public areas closest to you can be utilised more effectively and youngsters would make the most from playing on the facility.

The playground marking experts can also improve pre-existing line-markings which have diminished and got worn out over time; improving the playground visually for you and the youngsters.

Installing Thermoplastic Nursery Markings Near Me

We can install thermoplastic nursery playground markings in Eastville BS16 1 to help improve Ofsted reports. Our team can install the playground markings which are connected to the children’s nationwide study course.

This can help to enhance your primary school's Ofsted record and grades, as they will offer options for children to learn better.

Educational surface designs will also help school inspections, as it allows children to learn whilst they are taking part in playing activities within their surrounding areas. 

The designs we install are made of plastic shapes which will be put down on top of the desired area and heated until they soften and stick to the asphalt surface.

Numerous unique colour choices can be supplied so that you can determine any designs you would like for the nursery play area that can accommodate the kids using it.

The contractors may use a paint coating on the full asphalt area in advance of applying the new playground graphics, this should enhance the overall appearance and characteristics of the recreation space.

A lot of schools, day care centres and leisure areas in the UK have play area line-markings applied to the tarmacadam surface. It is possible to choose from a number of academic designs, together with classic games, geography atlases and enjoyable animal figures.

You can find out more about the playground markings we can install by clicking here

These types of fun playground graphics can help join the community collectively and help encourage children to generally be a lot more active and enjoy themselves by learning.

For more info regarding the installation of thermoplastic nursery play area graphics, please complete the contact form.

How to Apply Playground Markings Near Me 

If you are interested in finding out how to apply nearby playground markings, please have a look at the following steps:

  1. Cut out the shapes from the thermoplastic

  2. Arrange the thermoplastic in the correct shape on the surface

  3. Apply heat to the marking design to melt it onto the surface

  4. Leave the playground graphics to cool

When carrying out the installation of thermoplastic markings, we follow these steps. We only use premium materials to ensure the line markings will be long lasting. 

Remarking Nursery Playgrounds in Eastville

Very little interference on the school play areas is created by installing plastic graphic markings, as they will be put down quickly and are also long-lasting and durable.

Current playground markings could also be restored and looked after simply and efficiently by the workers.

For details on relining, please visit this page

We're able to additionally get rid of out of date designs when they have become exhausted, and substitute these for a whole new installation.


In case you do not need the previous pattern to be removed, our company offers a relining service which will boost your pre-existing playground graphics and improve the overall aesthetics of the recreational surface.

Other Educational Markings We Offer

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