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We are professional thermoplastic marking installers in the UK. Our team can offer a range of markings including social distancing graphics.

Following on from the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the Government have enforced social distancing. As a way to help enforce this, we have designed a number of social distance floor markings in Stoke Bishop BS9 1 which have all been design approved. 

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You may be wondering how floor markings can help with social distancing, and the answer is simple. Our markings will be spread exactly two metres apart showing individuals exactly where they can stand from another person. 

Having the graphics on the floor also helps to remind individuals to keep their distance. As we are not yet used to physical distancing, a few reminders here and there are certainly a good idea. 

The social distance floor markings are particularly important in crowded establishments or where queues form. Places like schools, nurseries and shopping centres all need these markings to ensure safety of the public. 

If you would like more information on the social distancing graphics we can install, please complete our enquiry form.

Heat Applied Permanent Graphics

The Government have announced that there could be additional waves of the Coronavirus. This means that we should think about social distancing as a long term thing. Practicing physical distancing is also a good idea in case of other viruses - it's not just COVID 19 we need to watch out for!

Our heat applied graphics are a a flush, permanent marking which is extremely durable. These thermoplastic markings can last for a number of years. This is perfect for social distancing, as you can ensure safety for years to come. 

Why Choose Thermoplastic Over Tape?

Tape and stickers are not a permanent marking. This means they will not last as long as out thermoplastic material. Since you are aware that social distancing is not a temporary thing, you will need to think about choosing a permanent solution.

Thermoplastic markings also cannot be removed by an individual without using specialist equipment. This also means children cannot pick at or rip off the graphics, meaning it is safe for youngsters as well as being long lasting. 


Standard stickers and tape can also start to scuff, fade and even peel over time, especially with frequent foot traffic. Our thermoplastic markings are fine to be used with heavy footfall, so you will not need to worry about their durability. 

To find out more about thermoplastic markings, please have a look at this page -

School Distancing Graphics

Headteachers and bursars certainly need to think about social distancing. Our school distancing graphics in Stoke Bishop BS9 1 can assist schools when trying to keep the 2m distances. 

We have a range of different designs to encourage children to keep the two metre distance. 

It is worth noting that the school distancing graphics are not just to be used by the students. When parents come to collect their children (or drop them off for school), they should also be keeping to the physical distancing rules. 

A safe two metre distance should be kept at all times. Whilst waiting for children to come out of school, parents should take note of the distancing markers. 

Physical Distancing Marking Cost in Stoke Bishop

Now you know the importance of the social distance markers, you may be interested to know the cost. We aim to keep our physical distancing marking cost as low as possible to ensure you can create a safe environment without paying high amounts. 

There are a few different factors that can alter the cost of these markings. Obviously, the number of markings will have an impact on the price. 

You may also want to think about the size of the markings and the designs you want. 

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Our team can offer you information on the various designs available along with the costs involved.

For more information on social distance floor markings in Stoke Bishop BS9 1 please make sure to fill in our enquiry form. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible with all the answers to your queries.

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