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Have you got KS1 children at your school? Looking or a company to install markings for the children? Our team have years of experience in KS1 marking installation.


Many schools now have KS1 playground markings in Llwyn-derw SY18 6 put down to add to the appearance of their facility, let the children to have a more enjoyable time, and make an impression on the OFSTED staff.

It is now very common for schools to gain OFSTED marks for designs due to the many benefits that they offer. For example, a design such as hopscotch allows KS1 children to have fun and socialise with others.

However, it also allows them to utilise the numerical aspect of the game to learn during their breaks. Consequently they will be fully energised and ready when they return to the classroom to work with the teachers.

The teachers will therefore see benefits as the wider the child's attention span is, the better they can do their job of teaching the kids. 

Pupils will appreciate fun games as well as enhancing their physical fitness and acquiring necessary skills. You can choose from a great deal of designs that are suitable for primary schools along with high school.

Alongside normal, fun designs, there are also education based designs, including Geography, Maths, English. This may be inside the form of number grids, alphabets, phonics, compasses and roadways.

If you would like to find out more information regarding KS1 playground markings in Llwyn-derw SY18 6 feel free to contact our team today.

We are happy to give you all the required information to ensure you will find a design to suit your facility.

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Kids' Play Area Markings Near Me

The thermoplastic graphics are perfect for getting kids to be much more energetic and healthy, in addition to allowing them to have fun in the fresh air.

Because obesity rates are developing with kids within the UK, these playground are an ideal approach to tackle this issue in nearby schools. Schools are unfortunately becoming partly to blame for child obesity and this ethically doesn't look so good.

So, to combat this we worked with a number of schools to implement some sort of playground design that would help the KS1 youngsters in Llwyn-derw engage with physical fitness such as a jump or action circuit.

We install recreational markings to many different kinds of schools and their surrounding area.

To find out more about outdoor markings click here https://www.thermoplasticplaygroundmarkings.co.uk/surfacing/outdoor/powys/llwyn-derw  

The designs that we put down are created from superior plastic material so they present strength and dependable results and our main priority which is to make sure the KS1 youngsters are safe is shown through the vibrant markings that are created to be slip resistant to ensure that they’re secure for the KS1 children using the area.

How To Maintain Playground Graphics

Mainting playground graphics is a simple process for everyone to carry out. To do this you should:

  1. Sweep away any dirt or contaminants from the surface

  2. Jet wash the area gently

  3. Apply repainting where required

You could choose between many different shapes, dimensions and colours to get a wonderful design for your school. The versatile thermoplastic designs are durable effective so they should last a long time in the recreational area.

Our specialists will complete improvements and relining of current shapes to enhance them and add more colourful patterns. Several traditional activities can be applied for the playground flooring like times tables grids and snakes and ladders.

We have even more traditional game options to choose from too including hopscotches. Since hopscotches are a popular option for KS1 our team have a number of choices available; for more details please visit this page https://www.thermoplasticplaygroundmarkings.co.uk/games/hopscotch/powys/llwyn-derw

When you've got and worn out play area floor, the colourful graphics can drastically improve the overall look and offer a more lively look for the play area.

However, with children of all age groups and capabilities being able to make the most of the games that will be played while using the surface graphics, these can begin to fade over time.

For this reason, our team in Llwyn-derw recommends that there is a solid, proactive maintenance strategy in plan to help ensure that any necessary repairs are taken care of as soon as possible to reduce costs for you.

What Are Playground Markings?

Markings are usually created using thermoplastic to add colourful games designs to tarmac play areas. Sports markings are also available in Llwyn-derw SY18 6 such as tennis and hockey.

These sports can sometimes be even more beneficial to pupils since kids are encouraged to participate in several fun activities, they can be more concentrated in classes so it’s easier to take in information.

Through enjoying various games with other people, the kids can easily improve in a social way along with physically. Educative designs are important, which is why we can install maths designs to meet KS1 requirements.

For details on our number games, please visit this page https://www.thermoplasticplaygroundmarkings.co.uk/games/numbers/powys/llwyn-derw

A number of important skills such as group interaction and solving problems can be taught through playing the various games while on the playground which will all benefit the KS1 children whilst in lessons as well as out of lessons.

By doing this, the local KS1 children can easily play together as part of a team along with enjoying distinctive games to benefit them in the future and when doing similar activities in schools closest to you.

Activity Graphics For KS1 Children Near Me

It is relatively simple to install activity graphics and this means the kids can return to enjoying the playground promptly. The graphics will be put on the play surface and then heated up until they liquify and stick to the floor.

After the installation is complete, the graphics leave a colourful and strong appearance. If you'd like to make your school or nursery playground more fun and exciting, these recreational graphics are a good option to install.

Youngsters are able to learn far better along with improving their health and interpersonal skills through these exciting outdoor play line markings. 


We have a wide range of designs for you to choose from. These involve a variety of shapes, patterns, games and educational activities that children can get involved with.

All key stage 1 schools can benefit from adding special features to their playgrounds as it can improve a child's health, learning and enjoyment within their surrounding areas. 

Other Curriculum Markings We Install

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